Microsoft Vedea comes after Processing

4 12 2009

Microsoft Visualization Language The Vedea Project Create. See. Understand.

“Vedea is a prototype of a new experimental language for creating interactive infographics, data visualizations and computational art.”

Microsoft has noticed what the guys at MIT have been up to with Processing and is preparing to launch Vedea, which they describe as “a new visualization language.”  Just knowing Microsoft many of us may have a little skepticism… not that the tool won’t be good or exciting, but will it be open, and free?  Being a strong believer in competition this entry can only make the space better, with more minds working to improve the creation of data visualization.

On the Microsoft Research Blog there is a write up with some detail, including some code snippets.  In reviewing the code it looks like the language will offer some predefined GUI Components and Data Visualizations built in.  This could actually be very valuable including these in the core (as long as it is extensible with external libraries).  Processing today is open and there are libraries that cover these areas, but integration can be  cumbersome.

It looks like launch is planned for early 2010.

Update: 12/5/09

Here is a blog post detailing a  demo of Vedea with the data, code and an image of the data visualization it created.

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