Confession of Photo Booth Addict

18 12 2009

Smile SantaThat is what my wife would say.

You might read the title and think that I am always taking pictures in photo booths, but it is actually much worse… In the last 5 years I have built and programmed about 5 photo booth variations…. and of course there are a lot of pictures to go along with those.

So it all started when I went to my friend Joey’s wedding.  I was discussing with a buddy that we should start a business.  Then I recalled having used a photo booth at another friends wedding in California the year before.  It was a great idea… we would go into the photo booth business of renting out photo booths and services to special events: Weddings with scrapbooks, corporate Christmas parties, etc.The First Photo Booth I Built

Next I went online and researched the cost… they are actually pretty pricey and require chemicals, film, etc.  After a couple of days I started to think, “how hard could it be, all that is needed is to take a couple of pictures and print them out.”  Well it is not that hard, but it is not that easy either.

To make a very long story short I have gone in and out of the photo booth business.  In the process I have used a PHP\Command Line scripted software, written one in C# and written another in Processing.  I have built a booth out of wood, plastic, an old picture frame, steel and now a antique radio.

Antique Radio - Soon to be a Photo Booth

Some of these photo booths have been for the business, but at this point that is no longer the motivation. I really enjoy the time spent on these creations. It is an opportunity to bring all of the computer graphics geekiness to my family and friends in a way that they love.

Antique Radio Photo BoothAbove is a picture of the new booth.  As for the software, I bought it fromBreezeSystems ($75)… and it is better than anything I ever wrote.  There is still some finishing work needed, but the new booth is ready for our holiday party.

My Dog, Sally, in a Photo Booth

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