Panoramic Pictures with Windows Live and Image Composite Editor

1 01 2010

The kids and I went Geocaching yesterday.  We had a blast.  We found the location and coordinates at

The cache was at the top of a pretty steep hill near Madera Canyon in the Coronado National Forest (Southern Arizona).  It was a small metal tea can in a buried steel pipe.

I started taking pictures as Isabelle and Jasper were removing the cache.  I circled them from a number of angles to get enough pictures to stitch together for a panorama.  Usually you stay in one spot and spin, but I wanted multiple images of the explorers, so I actually circled them (look at the shadows to get a sense of the different angles).

I was planning on using the image stitching that came with my Canon Camera, but after googling for the software (and getting frustrated with Canon’s website) I came to a recommendation of Windows Live Photo Gallery and it’s panorama feature (see below).

Then I also found a link to a more advance version (same software engine) from Microsoft Research called Image Composition Editor(ICE).  The results were pretty much the same, but the ICE program offered a little more flexibility in determining the perspective of the panoramic(see below).

What a great way to end the year.

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