Squidoo… my first lens

16 06 2009

I built my first Squidoo Lens today… Pretty interesting.

If you have not heard about it the site is worth checking out.  It is a little bit like a blog in the sense that you are writting content about a topic that you hope others will find interesting and may have some way for you to monetize if you get really good at it (that is my perspective at least).  Squidoo topics can generally be very specific in nature and many of the post keep getting refined… I guess it could be described as WordPress.com meets WikiPedia meets Affiliate Marketing.

Here is a link to my first Lens (i.e. post in blog terms): What else can a Amazon Kindle do? and here is a screenshot:

Squidoo Amazon Kindle Lens

Social Bookmark Creator for WordPress.com Blogs

5 06 2009

Like many people working on blogs, I would love it if I had a little more views and a larger readership.  One way that might help is to get some visibility on the Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and Facebook.  There are some great tools and plug-ins to help your readers submit your blog, post or web page to these services.  The only problem is that these tools are plugins for standalone WordPress sites.

I did find a few helpful articles that had some suggestions and even a template to get html that can be added at the bottom of the post (in html view mode).  Here is a good article regarding that: link.  It is a really helpful article, but ultimately they ask that you use a find\replace in a text file.  There had to be a better way.

I put in some time the last 2 nights and came up with the following.  It allows you to enter your blog title and url and then create the html code automatically to be copy and pasted into the html editor of your blog.  Of course this means you have to publish your blog to get the url, generate your Social Bookmark html and then edit your post by adding that code… I never said it was a perfect solution.

Digg, Twitter, Facebook and more Link Builder

Social Bookmark Creator

Here is an updated link to the new and improved version: Social Bookmark Creator

It is a good start… if I were to invest more time in it I would want to add:

  • More Social Sites
  • Select only the services you want
  • Variations of the icons

Click here to give it a try and reply to this post if you have any feedback.

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Processing PVector Example

16 04 2009

I came across a great Processing example that utilized the Pvector data type (Bubbles).  The Data Type made a lot of sense and would be very useful. When I went to the Processing.org website, the example did not do it for me.  I made a few changes to the demo example to all the viewer to see the objects move. You can see my changes here: http://www.perlitalabs.com/PVector_Example_Altered/applet/index.html