Book Review: The Visual Miscellaneum

24 01 2010

So I did get the books on my holiday wishlist and have had a great time going through all the amazing thinking on data visualization.  The first one I have completely finished is The Visual Miscellaneum by David McCandless.

This book is a great sources of inspiration and entertainment.  David McCandles shows off that he is able to take any data set and make it into a beautiful infographic or data visualization.  His layouts and color selections make the information really pop.

The Visual Miscellaneum - Rising Sea Levels

Topics cover many areas including science, pop culture, history, music, the internet, food and more.  The variation helps to make the topic of visualization stand out.  By seeing the techniques and visuals applied to different data sets in different areas, it helps the reader realize that data visualization has value in everything from dealing with climate change (page 74) to ordering the right cup of coffee (page 156).The Visual Miscellaneum - Simple Part I

On the down side is that some of the beauty is only skin deep.  I found certain illustrations would have been served better by a simple table or alternative visualization.  There were also a few cases where a typo existed or it seemed a legend must have been left out.

I would still say this book great addition to a coffee table or library.  If you are a data geek you will love to study the visualizations.  If you are not a data geek you will enjoy the interesting facts and comparisons represented by beautiful images.


  • Beautiful book with great graphic design, color schemes, etc.
  • A lot of variety in how data can be presented… some are the same old standards and others are really creative new approaches.


  • The illustrations are not always an improvement in understanding the data.

I will keep this book close at hand for best practices in making data look awesome and as a source of inspiration when stuck for a way to represent information. Click here to get it from Amazon.

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