Features of 13 Data Visualization and Chart Libraries

30 11 2009

The great news is that there are a large number of terrific libraries and tool kits available for visualizing data on the web.  Some of the best of them are even free.  In my post providing a list of data visualization tools, I briefly covered about 30 of these tools, but there was something more to do here.  Each of these libraries have different charts, graphs and diagrams that they focus on and the implementation and language often differ.  To provide something for myself and the community to keep track I have prepared a cheat sheet (grid).

Included are the broader libraries that cover a lot of visualization types.  I may not have done justice to all of them, as the type of charts are those that there were demos for.  There may be cases where other types of charts are possible with a little work.  Also provided the language the library is designed to work with\built with.  There maybe a few cases where implementation can actually be done in a number of different languages.  For example the Open Flash Charts can be implemented in PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, .NET, Google Web Toolkit and JAVA.

For a larger clickable image go to Perlita Labs.

Comparison of Graph and Chart Libraries in PHP, Java, ActionScript and AJAX

Thumbnail of Comparison Grid for Data Visualization Tools


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1 12 2009
Andrew Trench » Great comparison data visualisation reference

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20 12 2009
List of Data Visualization Tools for Designers and Developers « The Pearl

[…] UPDATE: I have create a quick reference for which tools have which Visualization Types. […]

3 12 2010

very nice diagram!

Protovis also offers a network diagram-feature.


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