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5 06 2009

Like many people working on blogs, I would love it if I had a little more views and a larger readership.  One way that might help is to get some visibility on the Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and Facebook.  There are some great tools and plug-ins to help your readers submit your blog, post or web page to these services.  The only problem is that these tools are plugins for standalone WordPress sites.

I did find a few helpful articles that had some suggestions and even a template to get html that can be added at the bottom of the post (in html view mode).  Here is a good article regarding that: link.  It is a really helpful article, but ultimately they ask that you use a find\replace in a text file.  There had to be a better way.

I put in some time the last 2 nights and came up with the following.  It allows you to enter your blog title and url and then create the html code automatically to be copy and pasted into the html editor of your blog.  Of course this means you have to publish your blog to get the url, generate your Social Bookmark html and then edit your post by adding that code… I never said it was a perfect solution.

Digg, Twitter, Facebook and more Link Builder

Social Bookmark Creator

Here is an updated link to the new and improved version: Social Bookmark Creator

It is a good start… if I were to invest more time in it I would want to add:

  • More Social Sites
  • Select only the services you want
  • Variations of the icons

Click here to give it a try and reply to this post if you have any feedback.

Add to DeliciousAdd to DiggAdd to FaceBookAdd to Google BookmarkAdd to RedditAdd to StumbleUponAdd to TechnoratiAdd to Twitter




37 responses

5 06 2009

Someone pointed out that there is a downloadable application to do this at:

23 06 2010
Phoebe King

Don’t like that version. Your icons are more up to date. 🙂

28 09 2010
A Love Lee Place

Awesome job!!! Love it and so easy to use!!!
Thank you for making the process easy for a baby blogger.

18 06 2009

Thanks! It worked for me 🙂

17 02 2010

This saved my life! Thanks SOOOO much!!!!! Absolutely awesome.

17 02 2010

Glad to hear it!

2 04 2010

Thanks you very much for this useful social tool I really like the icons better than the Get Social version that can also be used here @ you’re welcome to checkout the buttons the Html code provides here >

16 04 2010

This is terrific!! I will go back and put the code into a bunch of my posts, and will include it from now on on new posts. Thank you, thank you!

Has anyone seen an email this button work-around? I’ve tried the javascript one at, but it doesn’t seem to work at

6 05 2010

i have a question and it is probably stupid but this didn’t work for me.

i enter in getsociallive (i’m a mac user) the name of the post, the url, no “s or anything, just the way it appears, then the site generates the code and then i just add it at the bottom of my post. result? a paragraph worth of gibberish. what am i doing wrong?

6 05 2010

You need to make sure to enter it in HTML mode. The gibberish is the html tags and code for the social links, but will be rendered properly if entered in the HTML tab. Let me know if that does not work.

6 05 2010

got it! jeez, so easy … somehow i missed that point. thank you!

7 05 2010

hey perlita labs….do some fine tuning to your social icons

7 05 2010

What do you have in mind? An examples of what you would like to see?

8 05 2010

just make your icons showing far from one another…a little farther…
like see in my blog–>
there,icons are so near each other

23 06 2010
18 05 2010

Just used it for the first time. When I checked it on Twitter it showed the link correctly. This is great and I”ll be using it often! Just one thought, could the links be provided in a short version instead of the full value? Thanks again, this is great.

18 05 2010

Hi Ken, Glad it worked for you. To get shorter urls you can use the “get short link” WordPress function or a service like . This leaves the url that is used up to who is setting up the links. It is an interesting idea for a feature as well.

10 06 2010

This is so awesome. I spent the entire day trying to figure out how to add these. Ideally, I’d like a “like” button for Facebook, but this is more than ok. Getsocial does offer this, but it generates this in-between step that takes visitors to their site first….not so sure that’s what I want to have happen.

For the question about spacing the icons…I just added in a few spaces between the in the code.

Great tip on the too.

Thanks so much!

23 06 2010
Phoebe King

What a wonderful little piece of code! Thank you so much for putting this together! I’d be happy to tweet it up, if you’d like. 🙂

One question: is throughout the code, but doesn’t seem to apply only to button image source…are you tracking data in some way? If so, why and what do you plan to do with it?

Thanks again for this handy little tool!

23 06 2010
Phoebe King

I’m sorry, please disregard my question about the code…when I looked more closely I realized it was all part of the image source info.

It would have taken me a week to try to figure out how to create the code to add the buttons! I am in your debt. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help promote any projects you are working on that will actually make you some money, OK?

23 06 2010

You figured it out. I am hosting the images on Perlita Labs. So technically I bet I could do some analysis on how often the images are accessed, but I have not done that, nor is that the intent. People are welcome to take the icons and host them on other sites, but the code that is generated does point to Perlita Labs for the icon images.

Thank you for the offer to promote the service. As you can tell it is not a money making venture, but I am getting about 4k page views a month. I have started to think about putting up some Amazon affiliate book links around social media to help pay for hosting.

I am glad you like it.

23 06 2010

WOW! You are amazing! Someone suggested I add the FB, Twitter, etc. thingies to my website. I laughed b/c such is so far over my head, it was impossible. Or so I thought.

I googled (nothing to lose by doing that). I found your link (nothing to lose by having a look). It looked short. It looked simple. First two times, it didn’t work (It added a whole long code at the bottom of my posts with no symbols). Then I saw the link to a page for help. I clicked and read. I saw I had to use the html format in my editor. So I switched my editor to html from “visual” and it worked.

I am amazed! I did it! I’m a ‘puter illiterate but I could follow your directions! I think you are a pure genius.

29 06 2010

This is brilliant–thank you so much for making this so easy!!

Another helpful tip is that once you’ve added the code, go back to the visual page, click on the FB and Twitter images, go to advanced settings, and click the box “open in a new window.” This will keep people from leaving your page.

10 01 2012
Cleaninup Kate

Leah – thanks for your tip! I really appreciate little tidbits like this.

14 07 2010

This is great! Is it possible to add an icon for LinkedIn?

14 07 2010

Also, how do you put a space in between the icons? What is the html code for that? Thanks very much!

25 07 2010

Pearl, I think you are a perfect genius. Thank you so much!

1 08 2010

Again, I thank you. I have to read the instructions each time, but yours are so clear and easy to follow that I can do it!

10 10 2010
Karim Shah

thank you so much. i was trying to put those buttons since this morning but finding very complex procedure every where on the net.This is the simples and the best.thanks once again

30 12 2010
Katya Sarria

This is awesome!(: I wish there were more social sites available to add, or at least variations with the icons, but this made life so much easier. Thanks(:

25 03 2011

hello … thanks a lot …

one question: my icons have a blue border around them; is there a way to get rid of it?


12 04 2011

I am pretty sure that is either a browser or a theme setting. It has to do with how the links are highlighted.

7 04 2011

It didn’t work for me 😦

12 04 2011

Let me know more about where the issue was. Maybe there is something that is being overlooked.

25 10 2011

thanks for you help. a quick question, where do i paste that which i have copied. i am using a wordpress blog.

25 10 2011

You can paste it in the HTML view of the editor. There are tabs at the top to switch between the html and WYSIWYG view.

10 01 2012
Cleaninup Kate

Worked wonderfully and super easy! Thanks so much for the work you put into that. It is greatly appreciated!

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