New Amazon Kindle Website

28 05 2009

This morning I received an e-mail from Amazon regarding a new Kindle website:

Dear Customer, 

Our customers have told us that they love being able to add highlights and notes to their Kindle books. We want to make it possible for you to access your highlights and notes directly from a Web browser too. So we’ve released, an online tool that enables you to do just that.

To try it out, go to, sign in with your Amazon account, and simply select one of your books where you have added highlights or notes.”

I think this will be a terrific feature… it help me get my notes and ideas off of the kindle and to the web, where I can make use of them.  Nice work Amazon!

Below if a preview of what my notes page for the Kindle 2 Cookbook looks like: 

Amazon Kindle notes and hightlights online


Discovering Processing.js and All the Amazing New Possibilities

25 05 2009


Screen shot of HasCanvas

Screen shot of HasCanvas

So from some of my earlier post it is clear that I am a fan of the Processing IDE for create artistic programs and applets.  I have also been struggling with finding the right language (Javascript, Actionscript, ?!?!) to build out some new ideas with for the web.  I think my prays have been answered.  John Risig has ported Processing over to Javascript, call his creation Processing.js.  This means that “most” of the cool things that you could do in Processing, you can now do on the web without a java applet and much better integration with html. 


The biggest down side  I see at this point is limited and inconsistent browser support for the javascript canvas required for Processing.js to work.  So if your project is for commercial use it may not meet compatibility standards.  Of course Internet Explore is the least compatible.  Firefox is great and Chrome seems to work pretty good.

Processing.js has been around for a little over a year… it came out in May of 2008, but it really seems to be getting some traction.  And I just discovered it this month, so it is new to me.  Below are some resouces that I have found helpful:

The site from the John Resig:

A blog entry from John with some ideas on how to get started and some reflecting:

A blog post with some good examples:

An online Processing.JS IDE:

An online Processing.JS game by Casey Reas:

A good post on getting started with Processing.JS:

This is an online Processing.JS IDE and Gallery… super slick:

Using Processing.JS for sparklines:

A lot of great examples:

I am sure there is going to be a ton of cool stuff that can be made with this…

  • The I think some charts and graphs would be great (again no text rendering for now).  Have you seen Ben Fry’s book on data visualization:  Data Visualization by Ben Fry . A lot of the examples in this book should be portable.
  • Of course there is the art of processing
  • Games anyone?

Processing tool for creation and enabling it with Javascript would seem to open up possibilities to new audiences and new uses (I particularly like the sketch in the background of Robert O’Rourke Blog).

As you can tell I am super excited by this… my enthusiasm is only tempered by the fact that IE does not support the JavaScript Canvas object that is required to render.  😦


3 05 2009

Sorry not to post in a few days… I have been heads down working on a Processing project and swamped at work. Once I get a draft of the processing work I will try to get it up. I also have a almost finished post on Processing.js.