The Kindle Difference

22 04 2009

So I just read an article regarding the cost to build a Kindle.  I won’t give it away, but it also brought up the key difference of a Kindle vs other e-readers (or books for that matter).  The difference is the Whispernet wireless service that allows you to get content on your device wirelessly.

I cannot stress enought that this difference changes everything.  If you are thinking about a Kindle you have to understand this feature!  Basically for no monthly fee you have access to the Internet and the Amazon store (and yes other websites).  It is terrific being able to think about buying a book or magazine and then have it appear.  Instant gratification!  

I am also finding other ways to utilize the service.  For a $.10 fee you can email a pdf to Amazon and they will convert it to their format and send it to your Kindle.  I am starting to use this quite a bit when someone sends me something at work that I do not want to stare at my computer screen and read.  This is a great way to get through any “white paper” reading for your job.




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