First Impressions of my new Kindle 2

19 04 2009

So I did not take the decision to buy a Kindle 2 lightly.  New technology is great, but I always think about how the price is going to come down in a year or 6 months.  There is also the fact that I have seen a number of “gotta haves” turn into dust collectors.  Some examples include the hand-held gps, iPod, even my Wii Fit is not getting much use.  Maybe I am fickle or maybe just busy.  Something really has to fit into the life I have and not the life I envision have.  Anyway back to the Kindle.

Amazon's Amazing E-Book Reader
Amazon’s Amazing E-Book Reader

So what did I think… I love it… it takes something I do every day and makes it better.  I try to spend a hour reading in the evening every night.  I am mostly into non-fiction and magazines.  I like to be able to pick something up, jump around and put it down.  There is not a lot of continuity in my reading.  The Kindle is perfect for that.

 I subscribe to a lot of magazines where I am really interested in 30% of the content.  Blogs are actually much more focused and of more interest to me, but I hate reading a computer.  The Kindle lets me get to the content that I crave.  

The Kindle 2 comes with a whispernet feature that allows you to connect to the internet for free.  This is also how it downloads its content.  If you want to read blogs you have 2 choices:

1) You can subscribe for a month fee ($1 to $2 each) to a selection of several hundred blogs that Amazon offers.  


  • All the content is downloaded to the Kindle and can be view when not connected or in airplane mode.
  • There is a section list that easily allows you to browse the content.

2) You can point the Kindle’s web browser at a moblie reader app (eg Google Reader mobile) and use it to read any blog out there.


  • This is free.
  • It is not limited content provided by Amazon.

I thought I would be all over the free reader application, but after a couple of weeks with my Kindle I am finding the latency, and lack of organization a big disappointment.  Have Amazon download all of the content to my Kinlde and give me a table of contents seems to be worth the extra dollars.

So to summarize, the feature that is really impressing me is the ability to get to blog content.  And I think the work arounds to get to the free content are probably not worth it, if the content is available as a subscription from Amazon.




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22 04 2009

Below is a link to a project of mine that has some Kindle info for contact Amazon support.

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